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How to Backup   



 WinBackup 2.0 - Backup Made Easy!

Shut down Outlook Express
Click [Start]

Select Find (or Search)

Select Files or Folders.

Enter the name of the file

(Windows XP) Next you will have to click on All files and folders next

(Windows XP) Then click on "More advanced options" and put a tick in "Search hidden files and folders"

Click [Search]

Once you have found the folder, right click on it and select copy. Now go to "MY DOCUMENTS" folder, create a new folder called "OUTLOOK BACKUP" and right click from within that folder and select paste. 

To recover the file copy it from its backup media, (CDR, CDRW ZIP drive etc) and use the search option to find the file with the same name on the system, and replace it with the backup one.

Some other files you may wish to backup are :

  • inbox.dbx

  • outbox.dbx

  • sent*items.dbx

  • deleted*items.dbx

  • drafts.dbx


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