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How to Backup - Using My Documents  


 WinBackup 2.0 - Backup Made Easy!

This folder is located in all operating systems after Windows 95 OSR 2.0. You should use this as a common location to backup save files for your software and preferences. Most Microsoft software will use this location as default but other 3rd party may not, but this does not stop you using the "SAVE AS" option in the separate programs to change where you want to save to. In most you will find options in the "PREFERENCES" section, so you can set the default save location, to this folder or a sub folder which you can create in the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder to use, or set it to your save location. 

You will notice through out this guide references to the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder, if you don't know where it is then have a look on your desktop it should be there. Windows XP users will find it in their start menu. To put "MY DOCUMENTS" on the "DESKTOP" simply Right Click on "MY DOCUMENTS" and then left click on "SHOW ON DESKTOP". Once you return to the "DESKTOP" you will see the new folder. (see image below)

This is where we are advising you to put all the important documents, pictures, saves or any other information you don't wish to loose to, so that they can easily be backed up on to your CD-Writer or other large storage medium. You will understand the sense to doing this once you get into the routine of backing up information.


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