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How to Backup - Intro  


 WinBackup 2.0 - Backup Made Easy!

This guide is mainly designed for people using WinXP and all images are for XP, but there is no reason why it should not work on all Windows based operating systems, especially later editions. Remember this is a guide and does not cover every eventuality, but we hope at least to show you the essentials. Loss of data and/or information is entirely your own responsibility and you use this guide entirely at your own risk.




As with most PC users, you will find that you will use several programs and maybe games. If it ever comes to a stage, where for example you loose all information, it is always nice to have a backup you can fall back on, saving great heartache and depression. We don't all have a Tape drive that you can do full system backups, but we all should have access to a CD-Writer, or Zip drive. If not then I would seriously advise to invest in one. They will not break the bank or put you out any great expense, but at least you can backup any information you can't afford to loose.

So why backup ? the only people who backup are those who have lost something or everything (that includes myself) and those who fear loosing information. Remember the threat is always there, from virus attacks, hackers or hardware failure to name but a few.

In the next few sections we will advise on how to and where to backup your information. This section is by no means complete and by releasing it I will expect to do many updates.  


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