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How to Backup - IE Favourites  


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First Open Internet Explorer. Once open left click on favourites and then right click on your top link or link folder, you should now get a menu, now using the left mouse button click on explore. (see picture below)

Windows Explorer will now open and the following menu should now appear highlighting the item you right clicked on. (see picture below)

Now left click on "FAVORITES" so the it is highlighted. Once done right click in the same area another sub menu should now appear. Using the left mouse button and click on "COPY". (see picture below)

Next return to your desktop, double click on "MY DOCUMENTS", once open click on "EDIT" and then "PASTE". Your "FAVORITES" folder will now copy into this directory. (see picture below). 

Your favorites is now backed up to the "MY DOCUMENT" folder

If you ever have to restore your favorites, then just reverse the process, copying the backup files from the folder and overwriting the present Favorites directory.



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