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How to Backup - Game Saves  


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First thing you need to know is where is the game installed to. The example we are going to use is a game called "MEDAL OF HONOUR". First locate the shortcut you use to open the game. This maybe on your desktop or in the start menu. When you locate it, hover the mouse arrow over it and "RIGHT" click. A menu will appear with several options. Select "PROPERTIES" with a left click of the mouse. (see picture below)

Now the "MEDAL OF HONOUR PROPERTIES" will appear. What we are looking for is what is written beside "TARGET" in blue. (see picture below)

Now select everything except the speech marks (") and the file name at the end (MOHAA.EXE in this example). (see picture below)

Now "RIGHT" click on the selected section and select "COPY" from the menu that appears. (see picture below)

Next click on "START" and then "RUN". (see picture below)

The "RUN" menu will appear, "LEFT" click with the mouse in the section beside "OPEN" and then "RIGHT" click and select "PASTE". Once the location that you copied previous appears, click "OK". (see picture below)

The folder that the software was installed in will now appear, usually there is a "SAVE" folder here, (sometimes called "SAVED GAME", "SAVES", etc.) but as you can see from this example none is present. So you will have to browse around for it. In our example it is in the "MAIN" folder. (see picture below)

In the "MAIN" folder is the "SAVE" folder, "RIGHT" click on it and select "COPY" from the next menu that comes up. (see picture below) 

Now minimize everything and open the "MY DOCUMENTS" folder, click on "FILE", then "NEW", and then "FOLDER" a new folder will appear, name it the same as the game that you are backing up the saves for. (see picture below) 

our example of course is "MEDAL OF HONOUR". (see picture below)

Now go into the new folder, click on "EDIT" and then "PASTE". Your save file is now backed up. 

If you ever have to restore the file, then just reverse the process, copying the backup file from the folder to the install location of your game, overwriting the installed folder.


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